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2016-05-20 17:09
Dear Sir / Madame,

We respectfully write this letter to introduce our company Tae-Young Electronics in hopes to establish business relations with your company.
Tae-Young Electronics is a company specializing in provision of ADAPTOR/SMPS and we have been focusing on the area for the past twenty-five years. Based on our accumulated technology innovation and experiences, we provide adaptors to reputable internet providers in Korea such as SK Broadband, LG Powercom, CJ just to name a few. Furthermore, we supply SMPS to companies such as GAON Midea / INTEK Digital.

Our reputation can further be founded in Korean adapter market especially in the areas of external adapters for Surveillance Camera, medical gadget and adapters for LED; where we lead the market. As a leader in the market, we invest extensively in R&D and currently, we supply newly developed “internal adapters” to many reputable companies in Korea.

Based on our capabilities stated above, we are confident that we can provide high quality products that meets your requirements incomparable to products from other countries. Please note that we have begun to export our products to India via our agents since 2012.

We strongly believe that adapters reflect durability of a product. By applying our products to your products, we believe that it will enhance the quality of your product. Further information to buttress our commitment is contained in the company’s website, which we now invite you to pursue with pleasure. We are available for any follow-up discussion, price negotiation, as we look forward to an opportunity to demonstrate to you our professional expertise and competence.

Yours Faithfully,
Tae-Young Electronics Co.,Ltd

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Sales Division Manager : Jay Kim +82 10 9998 5727 E-mail:
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